Tavish Farnen's journey began in the mid-1990's when he left the retail industry as a manager because he had thoughts of becoming a lawyer. However, the cost of a legal education made him unsure of pursuing law right away. So, Tavish began working for the Kings County District Attorney's Office as a Community Associate where he gained a tremendous insight into the legal workings of the justice system. Through his years at the District Attorney's Office, he was ultimately assigned to the Homicide Bureau. At this time, he already began attending law school and knew that practicing law was his passion - but which area of law? All Tavish knew at the time was that he wanted to help people.


Throughout the years of law school and after, Tavish worked for a number of places, including a boutique investigative firm, a "Big Four" Accounting Firm in its Forensic and Litigation division, a not-for-profit, solo practice doing General Practice, the City focusing on affordable housing, a nationwide real estate management company focused solely on affordable housing, and as General Counsel for a nationwide real estate management company of luxury, market and affordable rentals and sales. Tavish's experience in real estate, due diligence, finance, general practice, litigation support and investigations enable him to handle complex matters with precision and efficiency.  

Tavish lives by many core values such as Integrity, Determination, Commitment, Honesty, Fairness, Compassion, Justice, Hard Work and Growth. It is through these values and his prior employment history where he worked with very wealthy individuals, families and companies, as well as very low income individuals and families - and all mediums in between, that he decided to focus on areas of law that are most meaningful to him and impact many of us at one time or another - Trusts & Estates, Immigration Law and Real Estate. He believes that in all three areas he is able to assist those in the need, no matter their standard of living, to live a more secure life. As such, he started the Law Office of Tavish Farnen in late-2018.

Often, client’s and their families are dealing with matters related to the areas that Tavish practices and their personal experience can be very stressful and sometimes scary, so they are nervous about acting or speaking with an attorney. Examples may include:

  • creating their first Last Will & Testament, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy or Trust – the person may feel that if they do it now, something “bad” might happen to them, or they are too young to need these documents, or regrets about waiting too long and self-chastising themselves for not doing it sooner in life. 
  • other clients may be dealing with an immigration issue – perhaps an undocumented immigrant or an immigrant who is a victim of domestic violence.
  • perhaps a person/family is purchasing or selling a home – first-time home buyer, maybe nervous about the approval process by the cooperative board, purchasing a new home and simultaneously selling their current home -what if something goes awry with one of the sales.

Clients’ want an attorney who is knowledgeable, skillful and compassionate, and that is why many choose him.

Tavish's key ability is the effective use of his judgment. Combining this ability and his professional experiences of dealing with proactive as well as reactive situations, his skills enable him to effectively address many clients' needs. Whatever your situation is, Tavish will use his abilities to assist you in your matter as he has consulted numerous clients, who have relied on him to help them through their legal matters successfully. If he is not able to assist you, he will try his best to help you find an attorney through his network who may be able to assist you or suggest Attorney Bar Associations that you may contact to request a referral source.

Tavish understands how important your legal matter is - not just to you but your loved ones as well. Further, he believes in being cost-efficient and prides himself in maintaining long lasting relationships with his clients even after their legal matter has completed.

Legal Education

St. John's University, School of Law (evening division), J.D.

State Bar Admissions

New York - Admitted 2002

Federal Bar Admissions

Supreme Court of the United States

United States District Court, Southern District of New York


New York State Bar Association (NYSBA)

New York City Bar Association (NYCBA)

American Bar Association (ABA)

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA)

The LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York (LeGaL)

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)